What type of company/entity does Diversity Accords (DA) typically work with?

We work with Fortune 500 companies, large health systems, universities, state and local municipalities, school systems, utilities…and just about anyone that has strategically imagined diversity as part of their supply chain.

What kind of supplier(s) will DA typically present to companies?

DA strives to align engagement opportunities with suppliers who have proven to be the best in their given area of expertise, and who can easily accommodate the size and scope of contracts.

How will companies know if the suppliers that are presented are qualified for engagements, bids, or contract consideration?

Each diverse supplier is required to complete a Supplier Data Form (SDF) as well as a personal interview with our Contract Services Director or other DA Management. DA then creates a Supplier Profile for the client company to review and use as part of their procurement efforts.  The due diligence that DA requires as part of the supplier qualification process (and the resulting Supplier Profile) saves client companies 70%-80% of the time and cost needed to qualify suppliers, diverse or otherwise.

What are the initial steps to get started?

It’s easy. Simply complete the Information Request Email on the Contact Page, or give us a call. We then discuss the specific needs of your organization and recommend a solution. Whether you’re building a program from the ground up, need help sourcing the best suppliers possible, are enhancing an already functioning supplier diversity program or would like to investigate outsourcing the entire supplier diversity function…we can develop your Go-Forward-Strategy to help you achieve or surpass your goals.

Can companies create a customized program based on the services Diversity Accords offers?


Are DA’s staff members available to support clients as they progress?

Absolutely…we prefer to work with our clients, not just for them.

Can DA provide on-site personnel to help support a supplier diversity program?

Yes we can…and we find it to be a very effective way to support new or existing supplier diversity objectives.

How long are engagements between companies and DA?

It depends entirely on the needs of the client company. Organizations are rarely alike and some companies are more dedicated to diversity than others. We work at the speed and efficiency of their commitment, but are always cognizant of budget and overall cost containment.

What are the costs for DA’s services?

It depends on the company and the services that are chosen. We will guide you through the best alternatives based on your needs, objectives and budget. As a start, we do offer DiversiFinder free of charge to our customers…it’s our way to show our commitment and for clients to get comfortable with our company.

Can DA establish and manage a Supplier Diversity fair for our company, in an effort to work with diverse suppliers in our area?


If we have a “Supplier Diversity Page” on our website, does that qualify as a successful Supplier Diversity program?

No, we believe that companies need more than simply defining Supplier Diversity…a formal Supplier Diversity program is what we suggest; based on planning, objectives and support from the company’s leadership.

Does DA have Supplier Diversity Advisory Services (consulting)?

Yes…as part of Diversity Pathways. If additional services are needed, we’ll do our best to help.

Will Diversity Accords help sell the concept of Supplier Diversity to our company’s C-Suite?

Absolutely, it would be our great pleasure to help, especially when Supplier Diversity is new to a company and it’s leadership.