We can complement an organization’s existing supplier diversity platform…or build one. We construct, implement, measure and support supplier diversity platforms. Our intent is to help with a company’s vision, and to create and/or execute diverse strategies which result in elevated diversity spend and shareholder value. We consult, implement, measure and ultimately enhance any environment with the intent of assisting the company to become supportive of diversity in their supply chain.


  1. Create a Corporate Supplier Diversity Plan…Plan the Work, Work the Plan
  2. Facilitate Performance Oversight (Board Reports)…Keep Leadership in the Loop with Metrics
  3. Augment the Marketing Communications Infrastructure (internal and external communication) to help elevate CIP & TOMA (Corporate Identity Positioning and Top of Mind Awareness) Ex:
    • Can supplier diversity support your brand position? Absolutely
    • Will shareholders embrace the knowledge that your company is growing your commitment to supplier diversity? YES
    • Will the communities you serve appreciate supplier diversity? Definitely
    • How will state and local politicians react to your company’s efforts regarding supplier diversity? Positively
  4. Establish Business Process Efficiencies, and other functions as needed…Diversity Works within your Workflow
  5. We also include DiversiFinder as part of this service…We’ll Find and Qualify the Right Diverse Suppliers For You

What’s the Best Path for an Effective, Successful and Sustainable Supplier Diversity Program?

  • Support from the C-Suite
  • Development of a formal Supplier Diversity Plan
    • Including a sub-contracting plan
    • Set objectives and imagined tactics
    • Defined metric
  • Measurement of Supplier Diversity Program
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Training and education
  • Dedicated personnel
  • Recognition
    • Awards for those who actively support Supplier Diversity
    • Financial rewards for those who perform over and above their stated objectives

  • Compensation aligned between Commodity Managers job descriptions and performance
    • Increased diversity spend percentages
    • Documented “Good Faith Effort” related to new engagement opportunities
  • Communication Initiatives – share commitment and success with MSA / community and the market at large
  • Corporate Partners required to have their own Supplier Diversity Program (Tier 2)
  • Sourcing Alliances
  • Community / Industry Outreach
    • Supplier Diversity Trade Show
  • Quarterly Board Reports for the C-Suite
    • Performance against objectives
    • Supplier Diversity Impact Assessment
  • Corporate buy-in through the entire organization

Would you like help building a better supplier diversity capability?