In 2013 Diversity Accords was asked by a Fortune 1000 client to act as a Prime for several contracts.

DiversiPrime was born.

DiversiPrime’s primary responsibility is to fulfill contract for clients using sub-contractors. Although, not required to do so, Diversity Accords chooses to use diverse suppliers (90 % +) in fulfilling contract needs whenever possible. This commitment also allows the customer to realize both Tier 1 and Tier 2 diversity spend benefits.

Benefits of DiversiPrime for corporate clients include:

  1. Supplier consolidation
  2. Diminished tail-spend
  3. Less individual contracts
  4. Lessened FTE overhead
  5. Diluted supplier management responsibilities
  6. Free sourcing of best in breed suppliers
  7. Enhanced diversity spend for company
  8. One point of contact for multiple contract fulfillment resources
  9. Flexibility
  10. Large cost savings

The application of DiversiPrime looks something like this:

Company (A) has a mid-size contract for HR – staff augmentation, for 6 months…they can look to DiversiPrime to source, insure and manage the HR provider.

Company (A) also needs IT support for the same 6 months, with the IT firm having very specific development skill sets.

Company (A) also needs Marketing services for a new product launch including: strategic planning – beta testing  – promotional products  – PR…and it’s for the same 6 months as the contracts for HR staffing and IT support.

DiversiPrime allows Company (A) to receive all of the required IT, Marketing and HR services, but doesn’t require three contracts, just one… with DiversiPrime. We do the rest.