As you evaluate your alternatives regarding supplier diversity and the varying components of your procurement operations, you may decide to consider the advantages of outsourcing the supplier diversity function. When done for the right reasons, outsourcing this function will actually help your company grow, generate internal subject matter intelligence in diversity…and save money.

Here are several advantages of CANOPY.

  1. Focus on Core Business
    Outsourcing supplier diversity based activities will allow the procurement staff to stay focused on existing commodity functions & requirements. CANOPY will reduce staff frustrations and /or feeling overwhelmed with a new responsibility that requires expertise in diversity and diversity centric supply chain deliverables.
  2. Increase Efficiencies & Dilute Cost
    Procurement functions are typically defined and supported within the planning and budgeting process. By adding a complicated (at times) supplier diversity function, the company can see a large increase in non-budgeted expenses.  By outsourcing via CANOPY, Subject-Matter-Experts (SME) can create, measure and oversee an effective capability that will elevate any company who is sensitive to diversity in their supply chain.
  3. Reduced & Controlled Overhead
    Overhead associated with the supplier diversity function can be high and cost prohibitive. Cost containment is one of the benefits of CANOPY…having specific deliverables which translate into ROI for the client company. Whether its FTE costs, time-based-value costs, travel expenses or anything associated with your program…CANOPY will deliver in budget.
  4. Continuity & Risk Management
    CANOPY will provide a consistent level of operational continuity to the client company while attaining objectives and reducing the risk. Knowing that the pre-determined objectives which were created in collaboration with the client’s management team are being met or surpassed, allows for greater advocacy and innovation.
  5. Develop Internal Staff
    CANOPY will act as a platform for evolving diversity in a client’s supply chain – not only operationally, but with regard to staff as well. A supplier diversity program relies on requisite skills that existing staff may not possess. CANOPY’s on-site outsourcing of supplier diversity will bring people with the necessary skills into your company. New or current staff can work alongside DA personnel to acquire new skill sets.