If you need help building or enhancing your supplier diversity program…Diversity Pathways can help.
If you need help sourcing certified diverse suppliers that
can handle the size and scope of your engagement…
DiversiFinder can find them.
If you want to consolidate suppliers and use Diversity Accords
as the primary source for fulfilling projects…
DiversiPrime can deliver.
…and if you simply want to outsource supplier diversity completely…
CANOPY can cover it.

"The price of greatness is responsibility." ~ Winston Churchill

Corporate Responsibility is more than a slogan…it’s a company-wide
commitment and an opportunity to do great things.

Supplier Diversity is a great place to start.

It’s good business as well.

Diversity Pathways

We can complement an organization’s existing supplier diversity platform or help create one.


We offer specialized supplier sourcing mechanisms that present certified diverse suppliers for larger contracts valued at 500,000 annually or more.


Diversity Accords becomes the Prime for clients who need diverse; consultants, contractors, part-time staff, call-centers, admins, SME’s and other professional service providers.


Outsource the entire supplier diversity department and allow Diversity Accords to create, manage and fulfill a program that works on your behalf.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR takes many forms, but is generally intended to support: the environment, diversity, the community, human rights, working conditions and education. The manner in which these commitments are organized, dispersed and managed is also part of the responsibility that is assumed and expected from quality organizations. Organizations that embrace CSR are viewed as stewards of responsible business practices and viewed as leaders in their respective fields of expertise.

Engaging and supporting diverse suppliers gives a company a favorable public image and is seen as a leading form of corporate social responsibility. This image is very positive and can be the platform for corporate growth and shareholder value. Many organizations use CSR to attract and retain suppliers that reflect the demographic of their customer base, or of the community in which the company operates.

Great organizations are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility.